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Montag, 17. November 2014
Hey Touchers,

some of you might know For those who don't: it's a completly free push notification service. This weekend GaemThrive published a guide for Phonegap. I had to apply some changes so it's working with Sencha. This is how you will get GameThrive working with Sencha Touch:

1. Install the external preconditions from step 1 and / or 2 HERE

2. Add the following plugins.

3. Add this to your launch function and replace the app_id (iOS) or senderId(Android) in the jsonData Object:

This is it. You will find a full Sencha Architect example to download HERE.

Questions and improvements are welcome!

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-- FIX -- Sencha Touch does not center Map correctly

Dienstag, 4. November 2014
Some of you may already have faced this issue. Centering Google Maps does not always work how it should, especially If you use markers. Here is how to fix this issue:

First I we need a map, for example this one here:

Now comes the important part. You need to add a listener on your map for the painted event. When the painted event is fired we do also need a timeout to set the center. This can be really small.

This should to it, the map will now be centered correctly.
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